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Fáilte Romhaibh – Welcome – to the DAINGEAN ’23 Meitheal or Gathering taking place on the island of Ireland from 1-7 May 2023. We warmly invite you to a week of journeying together into the heart of indigenous culture on the island of Ireland. We are aware of the healthy upsurge across our island of diverse groups working on indigenous themes and we warmly welcome you all to come and share your stories together in 2023. This is a week of embodied practice – and  time to refresh our inter-connections with sisters and brothers world-wide – and celebrate our Daingean – Our collective Strength
Shane O’Connor

Monday May 1st

Breathing into our Daingean

Location: Inishowen, Co. Donegal

You’ll be collectively guided to the depths of our inner and outer Daingean (Irish) and other Indigenous versions of Daingean which will play part of a red thread of verbal and non-verbal discussion and exchange during this day. You will expose/re-expose, discover/re-discover, light/re-light and connect/reconnect with, using breath as our guide and facilitator, assisted by our natural water immersion and natural movement, the way our DNA are used to moving!

Helen Henderson with Blaithín Sweeney & Lisa Moran 

Tuesday May 2nd

Dancing free in the Sea

Location: Mullaghdearg Co. Donegal

This is an invitation to awaken to the kingdom that exists just below the surface of the sea. A world abundant with life, lush kelp forests, deep canyons, craggy cliffs and a myriad of wild creatures. One simple act of looking in, immersing ourselves in this magical world, opens up possibilities of new relationships and a different way of viewing the world. Sharpening our skills of attunement, through noticing and connecting to the wisdom of our bodies in the body of water. Daingean is evident everywhere, like the kelp that holds fast to the rock, but moves with the flow, adapting and dancing free in the sea.

Liam Campbell with Dessie McCallion

Wednesday May 3rd

In Rivers We Trust

Location: Sloughan Glen, Co. Tyrone

History on this island can be understood through the two concepts of Dúchas and Deoraiocht which are especially meaningful in relation to imperialism, especially the processes of displacement and dispossession in relation to the land and water.This is a River Turas and Taiscéalaithe (pilgrimage, journey and expedition) to discover and rediscover what the ancient wisdom of our rivers teach us. Take a deep immersion in these elements – Sources & Springs/ Foinse; Confluences/ Cumar; Wells/ Tobar, in-between, Estuary/ Inbhear;  Sanctuary / Tearmann , uisce an focail, Tír dhúchais

Lorcan McBride with andrew st ledger and claire thompson


Thursday May 4th

Lines in the Sand

Location: Dobhar, Co. Donegal

Moving over the land is an art, often learned in early years. This instinctual journey is one of encounter-  of the ancestral inhabitants in our landscape through innocent eyes. A process of observation, evidence-gathering and open inquiry, it will also examine obstacles to movement, like boundaries and borders, and open our mind’s eye to the memories and songs within the Turas– Journey. Repetitive behaviour leads to rights- how does moving over land lead to knowledge and genuine authority?

Friday May 5th


9.30am Opening Ceremony & What is Daingean? with Senator Eileen Flynn, An Seanad Éireann

11.45am Environmental Justice and the Temperate Rainforest with Andrew St Ledger, The Woodland League

3.15pm Indigenous Language Revival & Ecology with Katie Johnston-Goldstar (Lakota), University of Minnesota

6.30pm Working with Stone with Alíosa De Phrís

8.30pm Musical Entertainment and Crafting

A Children’s Program will run throughout the day on outdoor cooking, exploration and discovery


Saturday May 6th


9.30am Opening Ceremony

10am Trauma and Healing in Indigenous Peoples with Belinda Vigors (Women of Ireland) & Jennifer Gaultier (Menominee People, Wisconsin

2.30pm International Indigenous Perspectives with Wiremu Doherty, (Tuhoe Iwi) & Dr. Ihirangi Heke (Waikato/Tainui), Aotearoa/New Zealand

5pm Dúchasach- Realising Solidarity among Indigenous Peoples

8.30pm Cultural Celebration and Ceremony

A Children’s Program will run throughout the day on making Hazel rods

Sunday May 7th

Morning Session only:

10am Walk to Leac Na Cumhadh – Stone of Sorrows

12 noon Depart

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