Cold Water

IndigenousCold Water

Cold Water immersion has many presumed benefits.

At Indigneous Ireland we focus on the importance of bringing our biology into place. We are intrinsically linked to our home- the cells that make us up share fluid with the rivers, lakes and seas around where we live.

As nature’s hydrological cycle distributes water throughout the ecosystem, we inevitably benefit with fresh drinking water, and water to wash and play in. However this finite resource needs protecting, and we learn to value water by being close to it.

Immersing in cold water connects us intimately with nature’s cycles- the hydro cycle moving water from earth to sky and back again- and the tides. As a routine practice we can learn much more about the complexity and variety of our local water sources- to better understand them and what they need to stay healthy.

As we believe all animate things, or Dúile, are living entities- and are like sisters and brothers to us- communicating with different water places regularly opens up the rich and mutually beneficial world of these relationships. Our senses help to enliven the contrasting experiences at different times of day, season and year, fleshing out the true texture of place.

On an Indigenous ‘Uisce Fhuaire’ experience, you will connect with your local water source/s in this manner and receive support and guidance from us to tune where you are at into your local sources of water.

A typical session is accompanied by one of our team and lasts for 2 hours. This includes providing context about the place, a short dip in the water and deepening our understanding of the biodiversity of your area- and how you can maximise and sustain your connection to it.

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Our guides

Lorcan McBride

I live under Uisce Chaoin Mountain on the border of Derry and Donegal, beside the mighty Foyle river and the fecund Lis na Grá woodland. My immediate clanns are McBride, McCudden, Anderson and Price. I have 4 children and work in outdoor education.

Shane O'Connor

Shane O'Connor is my name, and my other clanns are Moorhouse, Murphy and Bryan from the Eastern coastal waters, woods and hills of Leinster, Ireland. I have two daughters, Kíra and Lúa and although originally from Baile átha Cliath/Dublin, I live (not just survive!) with my family in Madrid. I work with people to create beneficial change by reconnecting with indigenous wisdom, practices and knowledge.

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