Who we are

Indigenous Ireland is an education and training association exploring what it means to be indigenous or hold indigenous values on the island of Ireland. We are concerned with connecting and relating to the land and sea territory of the island of Ireland in an embodied way. This means building experiential evidence to understand and heal our past, establish health and balance in our present and build fortitude for our future together as people sharing the land and waters of Ireland.

How does this approach help us to be indigenous to here?

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I live under Uisce Chaoin Mountain on the border of Derry and Donegal, beside the mighty Foyle river and the fecund Lis na Grá woodland. My immediate clanns are McBride, McCudden, Anderson and Price. I have 4 children and work in outdoor education.

About my projects

Shane O’Connor is my name, and my other clanns are Moorhouse, Murphy and Bryan from the Eastern coastal waters, woods and hills of Leinster, Ireland. I have two daughters, Kíra and Lúa and although originally from Baile átha Cliath/Dublin, I live (not just survive!) with my family in Madrid. I work with people to create beneficial change by reconnecting with indigenous wisdom, practices and knowledge.

About my projects

Born and reared in Doire (Oak Grove or Derry) with care and love from the Henderson, Mitchell, Steele and Plews people.

I am a water based mammal, sustained and inspired by the River Faughan, Foyle, Roe and the Atlantic Ocean.

I have 2 boys and I work in community education and human rights.

About my projects