Indigenous Ireland awakens you to a way of being and seeing, grounded in the elements, entwined with all living things, descended from the ancestors that rest in this land.  

Guided through native land and seascapes, each Turas brings to light opportunities to understand the cultural context of life that has existed and survived to this day.

We will assist you in unwrapping the layers of the tapestries awaiting to be reconnected with and nourished into our daily practices. 

Our Turas guides offer you the gift of their experience and cultural viewpoint to make your experience the start of a vibrant, elemental journey

Indigenous Journey/Turas Dúchasach

Experience natural Ireland at its most real and compelling. Each tour is crafted with care and guided by local expert.

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Food & Nutrition

Immersed in Taste, we invite you to enliven your connection with nourishment in all its forms, strengthening the basis for healthy living.

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Our approach to breath-work is based on the continuity of our ancestral connection with the people who walked before us, and the natural elements that accompany us through life.

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Cold Water

At Indigenous Ireland we focus on the importance of bringing our biology into place. We are intrinsically linked to our home-the cells that make us up share fluid with the rivers, lakes and seas around where we live.

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