The knowledge we work from is that we breathe for our ancestors. As the current iteration and heartbeat of their genetic line, as they breathed life into us, we breathe life into our common creation- our progeny and projects that we bring into Being through words and intention.

We offer you the opportunity to gain insight into how functional breathing practices connect to your cultural heritage and relate to your strength and power, or Daingean in the Irish language, in each moment.

In a Breathwork session, you will master superior breathing, relating the cycles of functioning breathing to the natural cycles driving all life on Earth.

You will learn how to increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body. You will acquire practical skills to:

  • understand your relationship with stress and push-back 
  • improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • improve zest, focus and purpose 
  • become strong, healthy and able for responsible living

Simple adaptations reconnect you to your innate and most natural way of breathing. Relearning how to breathe the way our ancient ancestors breathed maximises breathing efficacy and re-aligns life purpose with nature’s goals.

From: 80.00


Our guides

Lorcan McBride

I live under Uisce Chaoin Mountain on the border of Derry and Donegal, beside the mighty Foyle river and the fecund Lis na Grá woodland. My immediate clanns are McBride, McCudden, Anderson and Price. I have 4 children and work in outdoor education.

Shane O'Connor

Shane O'Connor is my name, and my other clanns are Moorhouse, Murphy and Bryan from the Eastern coastal waters, woods and hills of Leinster, Ireland. I have two daughters, Kíra and Lúa and although originally from Baile átha Cliath/Dublin, I live (not just survive!) with my family in Madrid. I work with people to create beneficial change by reconnecting with indigenous wisdom, practices and knowledge.

Héilín Nic Enrí

Born and reared in Doire (Oak Grove or Derry) with care and love from the Henderson, Mitchell, Steele and Plews people.

I am a water based mammal, sustained and inspired by the River Faughan, Foyle, Roe and the Atlantic Ocean.

I have 2 boys and I work in community education and human rights.

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